Comic Con photobooth at Jolt n’ Joes!

San Diego Comic Con!

Found this sign on a fence that looks like R2-D2 giving C-3PO a blowjob. (His droid-mouth doesn’t have to be in the front. :P)

Found this sign on a fence that looks like R2-D2 giving C-3PO a blowjob. (His droid-mouth doesn’t have to be in the front. :P)

loving yourself is great but it’s also beneficial to be a lil self-critical and realize that some shit you say do and think is lame as fuck and maybe you should keep it to yourself as much as possible

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This is the first time in my adult life that someone has ever really, really disliked me (…maybe even hates me?)

Generally speaking, people I know seem to like me. Which is to say, they’re friendly enough towards me with no incident or comment. I mean, I am not the most socially adept, so maybe others have disliked me before and I was oblivious to it, but this… this is starkly different. It’s so cold.

The guy I am speaking about is my roommate, who used to be pretty nice and generally talkative towards me. A series of events (some mild, some tragic) have passed and he suddenly won’t look at me or speak to me at all. It’s very passive-aggressive on his part and very speculative on mine. He seems to leave the room when I come in and seems to stop talking when I am around.

This icy, empty, angry aura hangs over him when I am near, like he wants to spit in my face. I feel like I don’t exist in his eyes. He makes no attempt to acknowledge or interact with me. It’s a really weird learning experience. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From sadness to confusion to anger, and I think it’s ending in apathy. I’m glad to have had this happen. It’s given me a firsthand lesson in this fact of life: Some people just don’t like you, and that’s their problem.

I almost brought Animal Crossing with me to work but then I didn’t because it’s a bad idea and now I am sad I don’t have Animal Crossing to play while at work.


youre gonna look so godamn cool

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So i got a new record player and instead of throwing it out I’m giving it away

What you get
My Old record player.. obviously
you’ll also get some vynals that i’ve acquired 2 copy’s of over the years
The records are:
The weight that you buried- Knuckle Puck
We don’t have each other- Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
Home, like no place is there- The Hotelier
American Football 2 disk reissue- American Football
Sports- Modern Baseball
You’re gonna miss it all- Modern Baseball
Youth- Citizen
Letters home- Defeater
Take this to your grave- Fall Out Boy
Forgettable (signed by the band)- Sorority Noise
Dulce- Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart- 
Heart to Heart
The Greatest Generation- The Wonder Years
The Upsides- The Wonder Years
Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing- The Wonder Years

You must be following me at the time of the drawing unfollow after whatever
reblog as many times as you like
likes also count
winner will be chosen Aug 31st

I can only ship within the us and Canada but if you win outside the The area i can ship to I will buy you a new player and have it shipped to you along with some of the records

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"I told you both of us could fit.""I fucking hate you right now."


"I told you both of us could fit."
"I fucking hate you right now."

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pants are overrated 


pants are overrated 

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this is what i spent my new years eve doing

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